8:00 AM

Breakfast Workshop: Issuing Bonds in Israel 

During the last few years, prominent US based real estate owners are sourcing a new form of finance in Israel – unsecured corporate level bonds. It’s a creative concept, with benefits for both sides, and is also attractive for US listed Real Estate companies and trusts. As of today, more than 30 US based companies had issued over $6.5bn in the Israeli capital market. Those bonds are traded in between 2% and 7% yield – much more attractive compared to mezzanine or equity partners – who compete on the same level at the capital stack.

Who Should Attend:

  • Private and public real estate companies, REITs, and funds
  • Asset Value of at least $300 million
  • Brokers welcome

What We Will Discuss:

  • Present the Israeli corporate bond market and the macroeconomics that supports this unique financing;
  • Review the key driver for this product from both the US developer and the Israeli investors’ point of view;
  • Walkthrough the issuance process and the key requirements for conducting a successful issuance;
  • Discuss the main benefits and liabilities of the new bonds;
  • What should be considered as part of the process and how to avoid failure; and
  • Review case studies of different companies who issued bonds in Israel

About InFin Capital

  • InFin Capital is a leading underwriting and advisory firm in Israel
  • Our clients benefit from our rating expertise as well as from our long lasting and close relationships with all major institutional investors in Israel
  • Since 2017, InFin has raised over NIS 17.3bn (~US$ 5bn) acting as the lead book runner and advisor in 18 transactions
  • For the last several years InFin issued over NIS 3.6bn (~US$ 1.1bn) for US-based real estate companies in more than 15 transactions
  • InFin is one of the most active rating advisory firms in Israel, providing ongoing advisory services for 13 companies, including 5 companies with AA group rating
  • InFin was founded by Mr. Yehonatan Cohen, previously the CEO of Clal Finance Underwriting. Yehonatan brings over 15 years of experience in the Israeli capital market, during which period he was responsible for issuing more than US$ 30bn
Yehonatan Cohen

Yehonatan Cohen
Chief Executive Officer
InFin Capital

Yossi Levi

Yossi Levi
Vice President
InFin Capital