Danny Fishman
Managing Partner
Gaia Real Estate

Mr. Fishman is a Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Gaia Real Estate. Mr. Fishman developed Tamir Fishman from its early steps into a leading investment firm, managing $6 Billion in assets, with 180 employees and over 60,000 clients. Tamir Fishman has formed an alliance with the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) and is the only Israeli financial services firm backed by an international bank. Mr. Fishman was also the founder of numerous subsidiaries and affiliates of the Tamir Fishman Group, including private equity and venture capital fund. Mr. Fishman has more than 24 years of extensive experience in private equity, real estate, venture capital, investment banking and asset management.

Mr. Fishman has managed, overseen and invested in dozens of transactions totaling billions of dollars, including public offerings on the NASDAQ, European and Tel Aviv Stock Exchanges, mergers & acquisitions and private offerings.